Sporting events of international repute attract a huge influx of fans from all over the globe into the city that is holding the event. Whether it is a F1 Grand Prix race or a ranking tennis tournament, the diehard fans will go to any extent to make it to the matches to watch them live and cheer for their favourite team from the stands. Rugby is played worldwide but has limited international fixtures. The Hong Kong Sevens is one big sporting event and the city witnesses unprecedented crowds. There is naturally clamour for tickets and hotel accommodation and flight arrangements. Hong Kong Sevens packages offered by agencies take care of all these issues in one go.

Agencies do all the Hard Work for you so that you can enjoy the Game

The agencies make special arrangements through their years of experience. Through their Hong Kong Sevens packages, they make the entire trip a a walk in the park for you. Starting with the flight tickets from wherever you are (do check if your city is covered in their package), to airport transfers, hotel stay arrangements for 4 days and also tickets for the matches, everything gets covered in the package. Some among the fans who can afford will be able to choose a slightly premium package, which means they will get hotel accommodation in 4 and 5 star hotels. Plus the premium package will include an invite to an exclusive pre-tournament function. But otherwise, the packages are quite the same.

Looking for Other Sporting Events in the US or Elsewhere?

Besides the Hong Kong Sevens packages, the agency offering these services also offer similar packages for many events around the world. For example, if you wish to avail the US sport tickets, particularly the Super Bowl 50 or the US PGA ranking Golf tournaments or even the US Open Tennis Championships in August 2016, they can manage the complete arrangements on the lines explained above, with hotel rooms with breakfast included match tickets and so on. You only need to log on to their website, browse through the different sports events and then you are good to go. Follow their guidelines for making the bookings and provide the details to ensure you are included in their list.Keith Prowse Travel

Some of the other popular offerings from these agencies include the 2016 Singapore Grand Prix packages. This is a fabulous event. Apart from the ardent F1 fans that will travel to any race track to watch their favourite drivers zipping past in their F1 cars, there is a large set of people who have the curiosity to watch a night race through the streets of Singapore. The agency includes the usual, hotel and tickets to the race plus also their exclusive merchandise as part of the package and offers their representative to accompany the group.

You can add another huge sporting event to the list for which you can book the packages through the agencies: the Australian Open tennis tournament in January. You can find Australian Open Accomodation packages and not worry about watching the matches, though Melbourne does get very hot during those days. But for a tennis fan when his favourite player is slogging it out in the middle, the heat doesn’t matter at all.